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A Little About Me...

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Some More About Me...

y name is Dan Brenneman and I am a video creator from Toronto, Ontario. I spend my free time creating content for YouTube, hosting a hyper-specific podcast about Paul Giamatti, and overthinking mundane social interactions. This is because I love sharing unique stories and entertaining others.

I bring energy, intention, and a strong sense of voice to every project I pursue. I love details almost as much as I love bad movies. I am a new graduate from the Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business at the University of Waterloo in Global Business and Digital Arts. One day I hope to be a home owner.

Personal Projects

These are a few of my favourite things (as Ariana Grande once said).

Best Feeling in the World

Short Film

I have written a number of projects with my creative partner Jon Steckley but this is the first we have produced. After securing funding, we were able to shoot the short with a professional cast and crew. It was an absolute treat to watch such amazing artists transform my script into a reality. I wrote, produced, acted in, and edited the short. Best Feeling in the World is currently in post-production.

Professional Experience

Be Bold With Beauty

Marketing Campaign

I shot and managed the edits on a series of promos and tutorials for Shoppers Drug Mart. The edits were completed in both French and English, displayed in stores throughout Canada. The videos went through numerous iterations as they had to be reviewed and approved by the client. I also shot footage to support upcoming marketing campaigns at the same time.

Big Bag of Cash Contest

Social Media Campaign

The Big Bag of Cash Contest is an annual promotion run on CHFI (as well as on their sister stations across Canada). I created all of the video assets to support the campaign. This included an animated promo distributed  nation-wide and a CHFI-specific promo that featured on-air talent, Darren and Mo.

Social Media Promos (KiSS 92.5)

Social Media Campaign

I created platform-specific video ads, optimized for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Stories. These are used to promote upcoming events, contests, and to support campaigns such as Song of the Summer and Hottest Hit. I shot some of these ads with on-air talent and created other using motion graphics. I have included some of my favourites.

Strengths and Skills

Video Production


Pitching and Presenting

Project Management

Brand Development

Social Media Marketing

Strengths and Skills

Design Thinking

UI and UX Design

Testing and Research



Audio Engineering

Soft Skills


Solutions Oriented

Excited to Learn

Passionate and Creative

Attentive to Detail

Collaborative Work


Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

Final Cut Pro X

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Buffer and Hootsuite


Adobe Audition

Ableton Live




InVision Studio

Cupboard Drawer

Odds and ends. Passion projects in different mediums.


User Experience Design (SPRINT)

A task-based scheduler for employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their managers. My roles involved research, experience and interface design, pitching and positioning, as well as managing the execution of project deliverables. Our goal is to increase productivity without sacrificing inclusivity.

Giamatti! Giamatti! Giamatti!


Dedicated to the academic discussion of Paul Giamatti. Each week we discuss a new piece of the Paul canon — moving through each role Paul Giamatti has ever taken. I co-host the podcast and manage our entire social media presence.


Product Design (SPRINT)

Gloria was created for Scotiabank. We noticed that young adults were not investing despite it being important (and lucrative at that point in their lives). Our innovative solution was to harness micro-investments, pairing the idea with the established habit of drinking coffee. Our physical and digital design solution is comprised of a Gloria coffee machine and an application called Gloria Invests.

Plasma Dolphin


An independent arts and literature magazine based out of Toronto. I am the copy-editor of their print and online issues and collaborate with the team.

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